Beyond Beneath

Series of collages made for the Harbour publication, curated by Amy Ash. Photos of lampwork paperweights sourced from internet with text from a 1902 Telegraph Journal article titled, “Through the Falls". Article is an account of a young man’s struggle to survive after slipping into the Reversing Falls in Saint John, NB.

By the Skin of my Teeth

Papier-mâché, high-gloss enamel paint, 16" x 7" x 7", 2018

At the end of each day, I remove the claw clips from my hair and fasten them together before setting them down. Laying still, their teeth intertwined, I imagine they have been relieved from their duty. The tension within their mechanisms holds them together, providing support, comfort and rest.

York Series

Series of pitfired porcelin barbells of various sizes. Cast from an iconic metallic-coloured set like the ones that lived in a dark corner of our childhood basement. 2019.

Rock Video

Performance for video in Rockwood Park, Saint John, New Brunswick, 2017.